12 Sam Houston High School Students Receive Full-Ride Scholarships to TCU
By Arlington ISD Communications
Posted on April 21, 2020, April 21, 2020

Now knowing that the end of their senior year will not finish in a traditional fashion because of COVID-19, 12 Sam Houston High School seniors had their spirits lifted recently by the announcement that they all earned the prestigious TCU Community Scholars scholarship.

Sam Houston’s 12 TCU Community Scholar recipients will each get a full-ride scholarship to TCU valued at $260,000 each which includes room, board, tuition, books and a semester abroad.

Sam Houston High School is one of 13 local schools that participate in the Community Scholars Program at TCU, which awards about 50 Community Scholars scholarships per year. And each year, Sam Houston has the most Community Scholars from a single campus in the program. This year’s 12 recipients is the most ever for the campus.

The 2020 TCU Community Scholars from Sam Houston High School include: Joshua Anderson, Sharon Arthur, Kymvely Calderon, Nichole Fashakin, Rigoberto Garcia, Pamela Guerrero, Megan Ha, Kenia Martinez, Maria Mendoza, Anderson Nguyen, Brandon Nguyen and Georgina Perez.

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