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Last updated: June 25, 2019
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The Unified Development Code was adopted in June 2014. Following its adoption, miscellaneous updates would be made on an annual basis to eliminate unclear language, correct errors, and update content based on interpretations and practices of the department.

Finding Information in the UDC

The UDC is organized into 12 articles that cover zoning districts, land uses, development standards, signs, and procedures. See the UDC Introduction for a summary of each article.

Find the Zoning of a Property

Arlington Maps Online includes the zoning designation of all property in the city.

While the online map is the most current and accurate version of the zoning map, if you have technical issues, a dated PDF is available here. Please use the online map or call 817.459.6502 to confirm the zoning of a property.

UDC User's Guide

The following information bulletins provide more detail on portions of the UDC.

What Is The Unified Development Code?

The Unified Development Code (UDC) is a document that consolidates all development-related regulations including zoning requirements, subdivision regulations, design and development standards, and review procedures.

The UDC has several advantages over maintaining separate zoning and subdivision ordinances. First, it avoids overlapping, conflicting, or inconsistent requirements by providing one source for all standards and approval procedures. Second, the UDC is simpler for customers to use since they only need to become familiar with one set of standards. Finally, by integrating all types of development, the UDC offers a more a more flexible and comprehensive approach to design, which leads to a more consistent treatment of different types of development.

The UDC was effective on July 10, 2014.

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