Special Notice: As part of a regional effort to simplify and standardize the recycling message, the City of Arlington and Republic Services will be distributing updated carts as new and replacement carts are requested. These updated carts will have the new "Accepted Materials" graphic below. Please note that plastic grocery bags have been moved to the not accepted material side as these types of bags tangle sorting equipment at our recycling facility. Residents are encouraged to use reusable bags or return plastic bags to their local grocery store. Additionally, pizza boxes will no longer be accepted in curbside recycling due to food and grease contamination.  If you currently have a recycling cart with the old YES/NO mold on the lid, you can click and print the "Accepted Materials" graphic below and tape it to the inside lid of your cart for easy reference.

Recycling Yes/No List



Recycling is as easy as tossing something in the trash, except, unlike items you throw in the trash, items in your recycling bin are recovered to become something new. Recyclables have the power to become new packaging and new products. When your recycling becomes something new; US jobs are generated, greenhouse gases are reduced, and natural resources and landfill space are saved.

But did you know that recycling the wrong way can be harmful to the recycling economy and potentially dangerous to recycling workers?

Recycling correctly is a critical part of conserving natural resources, creating healthier air to breathe, cleaner water to drink, and creating sustainable jobs.