Group Homes help provide children and adults with a means of living in a family oriented environment within the community. Group homes or “personal care facilities” with more than three residents unrelated to the property owner in a residential community in the State of Texas must be properly licensed through the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS). Personal care facilities with less than four residents unrelated to the property owner are not required to register with the state. Information and links about group homes, personal care facilities and similar uses are provided below.

This information is provided for the convenience of the public and not as legal advice. The original source for the law should always be consulted for an accurate current version of the law.

Common Concerns Associated with Group Homes

A list of concerns typically reported by residents that are not considered violations regarding group homes and other similar type facilities are listed below:

  • Picking up and/or dropping off of residents
  • Visits from family, friends, medical staff, etc.
  • Residents walking around outside and within the community*
  • Parking in the street**

The following is a list of concerns that are violations at group homes and other similar type facilities:

  • Unclean Premises/Outside Storage
  • Parking In The Yard
  • Trash Out Too Early
  • Peeling Paint/Rotted, Missing and/or Broken Wood, Siding, etc…
  • Broken Windows and/or Doors
  • High Weeds and Grass
  • Dilapidated Fences
  • Nuisance Vehicles
  • Graffiti
  • Over-sized/Commercial Vehicles

* The inclusion of group homes in a residential environment “by right” is designed to help incorporate the resident into the community.** Vehicles parked in the street are subject to the same traffic laws that apply to all motor vehicles. Please report suspected code violations online through the Citizen Action Request form or by calling 817-459-6777.