Rescued Bird, Queso is Full of Hidden Talents
By Carol Weemes, Arlington Animal Services
Posted on June 12, 2020, June 12, 2020

Not all the animals for adoption at Animal Services are furry. In May 2020, a beautiful Blue-Crowned Conure graced the shelter with its presence.

Little was known about this magnificent bird, later given the name Queso.

Animal loving shelter employee and Code Compliance officer, Brandi Alcantar adopted this magnificent Conure, unaware of his hidden talents.

Alcantar soon learned that he is bilingual, speaking both English and Spanish words.

“He purrs like a kitty, makes a crying sound that perfectly mimics a human baby, and his VERY favorite thing in life is music,” said Alcantar. “Queso LOVES music and he LOVES to dance and sing to music, specifically reggaeton type music with a big beat to it.”

Queso lives harmoniously (literally) with two other parrots rescued three years ago by Alcantar, a Quaker parrot named Avocado, and an Indian Ringneck parrot named Maui. “When all three get wound up at the same time, it gets so loud that you can hear them clear out to the street,” said Alcantar.

Alcantar’s home is full of fun with her family and feathered friends. Queso has comfortably settled in and loves entertaining everyone and interacting with Avocado and Maui.

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