Pets of the Week - Meet Nicos and Kalea
By Animal Services
Posted on September 13, 2021, September 13, 2021

Cat of the Week – Meet Nicos

This three-year-old male Domestic Shorthair is white and red in color. It’s Clear the Shelters this week—time to come adopt your new furry friend while adoption fees are waived. Nicos is ready for a new lease on life with a new pet guardian. He’s very sweet but very shy. He loves being stroked on the chin and has a very tiny purr. Not really showing interest in toys, Nicos would probably do best in a quiet household with all adults where he can just “chill”. He came into the shelter a little rough around the edges but received the care he needed. He has tested positive for FIV so his new pet guardian needs to be diligent in caring for him. It’s the right time to come to the shelter and adopt Nicos. Meet Nicos in Cat Adoptions (CA) 25, his ID number is A48553299.

Dog of the Week – Meet Kalea

This five years four months old female Rottweiler mix is black and tan in color and weighs 70 pounds. It’s replay time for this dog. Kalea was featured previously as pet of the week. Since then she was adopted and returned due to “unrealistic expectations”. What you CAN expect from this great canine is lots of love and devotion. She is an absolute sponge when it comes to attention-she loves to soak it all in. She’s waiting patiently for someone to adopt her and provide her a new “furrever” home with a soft bed to lounge in. Having tested positive for heartworms, a new pet guardian will need to follow through with heartworm treatment. Kalea is ready to sit by you and be your constant companion. Adoption fees are waived through the 18th for Clear the Shelters week. Don’t delay, adopt Kalea today! Meet Kalea in Dog Adoptions (DA) 1, her ID number is A47944229.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

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