Arlington Businesses Adapting to COVID-19 Challenges
By Office of Communication
Posted on June 09, 2020, June 09, 2020

Whether changing how they interact with customers or changing the products and services they offer, Arlington businesses continue to adapt to challenges caused by the coronavirus.

This includes companies such as Light Gage Solutions, which saw several of its major construction projects delayed or canceled due to COVID-19. Owner Liz Zatopek’s company quickly implemented strategies to survive the economic slowdown, such as bidding on smaller, light gauge steel framing projects less likely affected by the pandemic.

Other companies also pivoted their manufacturing and operations to supply much-needed personal protective equipment, such as clear face shields. Casa Z, ACP International, and SA-SO Signs and Safety are just a few examples of local success stories. You can read more about how Arlington businesses are adapting to COVID-19 challenges in the latest Invest in Our Economy newsletter.

This quarter’s publication also features stories about the new Inclusion Coffee shop in Downtown Arlington, the City’s distribution of protective face masks to help businesses reopen to the public and more business news happening across The American Dream City.

The Arlington City Council has identified “Invest in Our Economy” as one of five key priorities. This quarterly priority newsletter, which is produced in a digital format that allows readers to access videos and important links, highlights activities and projects that focus on quality infrastructure, a versatile workforce, transformative redevelopment and support a vibrant business community.

Features in this edition include:

• Inclusion Coffee Now Open in Downtown Arlington
• City of Arlington and Partners Distribute Free Protective Masks
• Light Gauge Solutions, Inc. Strong as Steel
• Business Owner Uses 3D Printing to Fight COVID-19
• Arlington Company to Help During the Pandemic
• By the Numbers

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