With Citywide Expansion, Arlington’s Via Rideshare Helping to Enhance Regional Mobility
By Susan Schrock, Office of Communication
Posted on March 02, 2021, March 02, 2021

Arlington’s on-demand public transportation service, Via Rideshare, has expanded its reach to all neighborhoods, shopping centers, offices, restaurants, medical facilities, and other key destinations across The American Dream City.

Over the past three years, Arlington has continually expanded the Via Rideshare service area to make affordable, on-demand public transportation accessible to even more residents, employees, and visitors.

In 2017, Arlington and Via launched Via Rideshare and became one of the first cities in the country to use on-demand technology as the primary public transportation solution to expand access to affordable, efficient, and convenient transit solutions. Now in its fourth year, the service continues to provide an equitable and flexible on-demand transportation offering that is free from fixed routes and schedules. Via’s platform routes passengers in real time to “virtual bus stops” within just a couple blocks for pickup and drop off, enabling multiple passengers headed in the same direction to efficiently share a single vehicle.

The new fares are based on trip distance, with a minimum of $3 per trip for rides up to 1.5 miles in length and a maximum of $5 per ride for trips over 6 miles in length. The detailed pricing schedule is available on the City’s Via website at www.arlingtontx.gov/via. The exact fare will be quoted to the rider before booking a trip. Trips to and from the CentrePort TRE Station remain at the $3 flat fare rate, no matter the distance from the point of origin. The weekly ViaPass, which allows for up to four trips per day, Monday through Saturday, increased from $15 to $25 per pass.

You can learn more about Via’s citywide expansion and other mobility improvements, including the completion of the voter-approved Collins Street rebuild between Park Row Drive and Pioneer Parkway, in the latest edition of the Enhance Regional Mobility newsletter.

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In this issue:

• Arlington’s Via Rideshare Service Area Expands Citywide
• Citywide Street Projects and Updates
• Collins Street Project Completed
• A New Way to Keep Ice Off Bridges Being Developed
• City of Arlington Continues Advancing Vehicle-to-Infrastructure with Connected Vehicle Technologies
• Arlington Residents Invited to Name New RAPID Self-Driving Shuttle
• By the Numbers

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