Greater Arlington Chamber Announces Scholarship Program for First-Generation Latino Students
By Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce
Posted on February 11, 2021, February 11, 2021

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The Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the META Foundation, has launched a brand new scholarship program – The American Dream Scholarship. This scholarship program is aimed at first-generation college students of Latino/Hispanic descent living in the greater Arlington area* that want to attend the University of Texas at Arlington or Tarrant County College District.

The goal of this scholarship is to lift up the Latino/Hispanic community by empowering those students to continue their education. According to the Office of the State of Texas Demographer, the projected population growth of Texas over the coming two decades will be driven by the Latino/Hispanic population. Therefore, the future characteristics of the labor force in Texas will be determined largely by the educational attainment of young Latinos/Hispanics as they age into the workforce.

“We want to see all students achieve their American dream in The American Dream City,” said Michael Jacobson, President & CEO of the Greater Arlington Chamber, “It’s our responsibility to make sure that the doors to opportunity are open and the welcome mat is out.”

The American Dream Scholarship Program will be awarding eight students with funds totaling $25,000. Whether you are a high school senior, college graduate student or anything in between, first-generation Latino/Hispanic students at every point in their academic journey are eligible to apply. Students that took a semester or year off are also eligible for this program. Unlike most scholarship programs, this scholarship funds students who are enrolled in certification- or degree-bound programs.

“We worked closely with the META Foundation to create this scholarship for the working student,” said Alicia Collins-Butler, Director of Education, Workforce and Community Development for the Chamber, “Every student has a unique educational journey, and we need to broaden our scope of how we think about secondary education. Aiding students in their goals to attain certifications and specific skills diversifies our workforce and creates a well-rounded community.”

The Chamber has given out more than $238,000 in scholarships over the years and has made it a core priority to help develop the community’s future. This year, the Chamber plans on to award 27 scholarships totaling $70,000 through four different scholarship programs.

To apply for this scholarship or any of the scholarships provided by the Greater Arlington Chamber of Commerce, visit

Note: The greater Arlington area includes the City of Arlington, City of Dalworthington Gardens and Town of Pantego.

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