5 Park Trails to Try
By Dianely Luis, Arlington Parks & Recreation
Posted on April 27, 2020, April 27, 2020

pink walking shoes on a trail

With quarantine underway and gyms closing their doors, it has become increasingly difficult to maintain our fitness goals. If you want to be more active during this time of isolation, here are 5 amazing parks with great trails for anyone hoping to stay active. Remember to do your part and stay 6 feet apart!

  1. Julia Burgen Park – 1 mile 

    This smaller park is perfect for anyone wanting to start small by walking a mile and work their way up. A nice little park that is a perfect escape for those near the college campus.
  2. Richard Greene & Dr. Robert Cluck Linear Parks – 2.92 miles

    This park has wide open areas for walking and bountiful wildlife such as ducks and turtles. If you are missing museums, these parks feature fascinating sculptures throughout. 

  3. Village Creek Historical Area/Village Creek Trail– 5.6 miles

    Beautiful nature is tucked away in Village Creek with plenty of interesting birds and bugs. If you go for a night stroll, be ready to spot rabbits and armadillos! 

  4. River Legacy – 7 miles 

    Great park to visit for an escape to nature. There are gorgeous wildflowers blooming throughout the park, along with all kinds of wildlife, including birds, butterflies, armadillos, and more! Take a quiet walk on the trails to see if they’ll come out to greet you. 

  5. Fish Creek Linear Park 3.78 miles 

    This secret gem is the type of park you want to keep to yourself because it is so peaceful and rarely crowded. The trails here are wide enough for both walkers and cyclists, so you can easily be mindful of staying 6 feet apart. 

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