National Wildlife Day Brings Urgent Reminder to Protect Wildlife, Ecosystem, and Community
By Carol Weemes, Animal Services
Posted on September 03, 2021, September 03, 2021

National Wildlife Day

Helping injured ducks is keeping Animal Services officers busier than usual lately, performing fishhook removals, and saving orphaned ducklings. As National Wildlife Day approaches on Saturday, September 4, Animal Services urges everyone to be attentive to keeping the environment safe for people and wildlife in our community.

Arlington’s parks and community ponds are wonderful places to visit, watch ducks and maybe do some fishing. Protecting residents and wildlife at our parks is a high priority. Remember when fishing to pick up your line and don’t leave hooks lying around. If these get tangled around a duck’s legs or in their bill and not removed it can be lethal for the duck.

Some of Arlington’s community ponds are becoming overpopulated with ducks. Over feeding the ducks can also result in negative consequences for our feathered friends.

"When the duck population becomes too much for an ecosystem it will lower the water quality of the pond and could result in diseases that will kill the ducks,” said Ray Rentschler, the shelter's field operations manager. “Ducks are very susceptible to duck plague, E. coli and salmonella to name a few.” 

National Wildlife Day

Too many ducks in an area cause them to stray into streets and neighborhoods putting them in danger of being struck by motorists. Just after one of these incidents, the image above shows Rentschler about to rescue some orphaned ducklings. Click here to learn more about Orphaned or Injured Animals.

Rentschler is enthusiastic (an understatement) about protecting people and animals and is an avid educator, especially about wildlife and the importance of letting wildlife be wild. 

National Wildlife Day

Arlington’s Sustainable Wildlife Program was initiated to implement proven best practices for harmonious coexistence with wildlife.

Visit the Urban Wildlife website for resources and more information.

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