Water Utilities Project Near UT Arlington Has Benefits for Residents, City
By Jamese Branch, Arlington Water Utilities
Posted on August 25, 2021, August 25, 2021

As students return to The University of Texas at Arlington campus this week, Arlington Water Utilities is finishing up work on a water main replacement project that involved horizontal directional drilling along UTA Boulevard.

This summer’s work is part of the larger Davis Pressure Plane Expansion Project that started in 2018. The directional drilling began in early May along UTA Boulevard, between South Davis Drive and Summit Avenue. It is expected to conclude by October.

The project includes 2,600 linear feet, or about half a mile, of new 12-inch water mains and 600 linear feet 8-inch mains.

Horizontal directional drilling is a method of installing mains underground without disturbing the ground’s surface. Also referred to as a trenchless method, this minimum impact construction technique is both cost-effective and resident friendly. Because little excavation is needed, Arlington residents can expect minimal interruptions on nearby streets and sidewalks while the Water Utilities department will have less repairs to make.

In the past few years, Arlington Water Utilities formed its own main replacement crew to complete projects with a smaller scope, like the UTA Boulevard work. Conducting the work fully in-house allows Arlington Water Utilities to provide better service and brings impressive cost savings for the City of Arlington.
Outside contractors estimated the project would cost $2.13 million to complete. Arlington Water Utilities officials believe their in-house cost for the project will be just under $500,000, meaning over $1.6 million in cost savings.

The Davis Pressure Plane Expansion Project is being constructed in two phases. The first phase is complete. The second phase is in the final stages of design. After both phases are done, residents will experience improved water pressure in an area bounded by Cooper Street, Fielder Road, Arkansas Lane, and Sanford Street. In addition, residents in neighborhoods where mains are replaced benefit from more reliable water and sanitary sewer service, better fire protection, and improved pavement.

For updates on ongoing construction, visit the Arlington Water Utilities Facebook page at www.facebook.com/arlingtonwater.
For more information about Arlington Water Utilities, visit www.arlingtontx.gov/water.

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