Pets of the Week - Meet Champagne and Nettie
By Animal Services
Posted on November 16, 2020, November 16, 2020

Cat of the Week - Meet Champagne

This two-year-old female Domestic Short Hair is a grey, black and white Tabby. Here is a cat with a “sparkling” personality. She is a purring machine when being petted, a real love bug. Being involved in whatever is going on, showing her curiosity is one of her traits as well. Given the chance she’ll do a “head butt” with you and if you don’t comply, she may follow up by talking to you. Champagne is playful as well, enjoying jumping up to catch her prey (a feather) or knocking things off the table to play with. Come meet this “effervescent” cat and adopt her so you can “toast” to your new furry companion. Meet Champagne in Cat Adoptions (CA) 3, her ID number is A46036520.

Dog of the Week - Meet Nettie

This three-year-old female Pit Bull Terrier mix is blue and white in color and weighs 54 pounds. Endless energy is a good way to describe this specimen of a dog. Nettie is a “play” hound – she loves to play with toys but can be easily distracted by any other goings on. If you can catch her in a quiet moment, a good ear rub is appreciated. Nettie would probably benefit from some structured training classes that might tame some of her energy. She would probably do best with a family willing to spend time providing her with lots of physical activity and love. An adoption fee of $25 is all it takes to release Nettie from the shelter and provide you and your family with a new canine companion. Meet Nettie in Dog Adoptions (DA) 5, her ID number is A45914536.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

Pets of the Week
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