Shelter Cats are Happier and Healthier Thanks to In-Kind Grant of 19 Cat Portals
By Carol Weemes, Animal Services
Posted on October 29, 2020, October 29, 2020


Wild and fearful cats brought into Animal Services’ care are calmer, safer and happier since the installation of 19 super cool cat portals made possible by Greater Good Charities.

Greater Good Charities, based in Seattle, Washington, is devoted to protecting people, pets, and the planet, funding gifts for projects worldwide.

Mother cats with nursing kittens feel more secure and fearful cats become more trusting with this great new addition to Animal Services cat kennels, thanks to this In-Kind Grant award from Greater Good Charities, valued at $1,501. The calming effect this renovation has made on shelter cats helps them be more adoptable. 

As new cats enter the shelter, many, including domestic ones are agitated and/or fearful upon arrival. The recently added portals create a private sanctuary within the cat kennel, helping newly arrived cats to destress and begin showing their true personalities.

“Through the help of cat portals in the kennels, we are gaining the trust of cats who are scared and unsure in the shelter environment,” reports shelter staff. “We are immensely grateful for Greater Good Charities for their generous donation to Arlington Animal Services!”

The portals provide a retreat for fearful cats to hide as staff cleans their cages, making it a much calmer process for those animals. Another bonus is that the cat portals provide a separate living space in the kennel, away from the cat litter, making their kennel a cleaner and healthier environment, along with double the space for movement.

Less stress and a healthier environment equate to healthier, happier cats, with reduced risk of developing upper respiratory illness. And, feral cats awaiting vet services through the Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program are less stressed during their visit at the shelter.

Best of all, domestic cats that arrive in a frightened state quickly calm because of the cat portals and have much better success with getting adopted.

In recognition of National Cat Day Thursday, October 29, all adoptable cats and dogs are available with a $10 adoption fee. This special adoption rate is for this date only. Visit Animal Services at 1000 SE Green Oaks Boulevard today. Choose to adopt!

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