Lamar High School Band Leaders Bring Their Dream Full Circle
By Office of Communication
Posted on October 23, 2020, October 23, 2020

Zack Riley and Kolby Kelly were Lamar High School students when they first discovered their passion for music. Now, they're lighting that same spark in a new generation. 

Riley serves as Lamar's Assistant Band Director. Kelly is the school's Percussion Director. 

"Growing up in Arlington, my favorite memory is being involved in music programs," Kelly said. "Luckily, I landed in the spot where I grew up. Teachers I had are still here. People come here and they live here and they stay here." 

Riley said watching his students experience the joy of music is a dream come true. "Seeing them perform like that is really rewarding. They come off the field or get off the stage, and they each have a smile on their face,"  Riley said. 

Kelly works with students as young as 7th grade and teaches them through their senior year. He says watching that growth is the ultimate reward. "I feel like I'm living my dream here at the school, especially getting to teach with the people who taught me."

Click here to learn more about the Arlington ISD Lamar High School band. 

Kolby Kelly & Zack Riley

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