The VITA Program provides free income tax return preparation to individuals with incomes below $60,000/year. VITA helps families take advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Child Tax Credit (CTC), and education credits. VITA site tax preparers are certified by the IRS and can prepare basic 2020 returns free of charge.

When can I visit a VITA site?

VITA Season: One Arlington VITA site has extended their tax season to continue offering free tax preparation services through October 15, 2021 by appointment only. 

At some partner sites, we only have access to the front entry so please complete this Form 13614-C Intake/Interview & Quality Review Sheet  

Completing this form will shorten the in-person time required at the VITA site and increases the safety of everyone involved.

Free Tax Center staff or volunteers will collect, copy, and scan your documents and return the original copies immediately back to you.   
Your return(s) is then prepared and reviewed by a certified volunteer tax preparer.

Free Tax Centers staff will contact you (make sure you have a working phone number and/or email) and schedule a time for you to return and sign the appropriate paperwork.   Make sure you are easily accessible by either phone in case we have any questions during tax preparation or need to talk to you during the filing process.  

What do I need to bring to a VITA site?

See the link below and information that follows for a more detailed list of items to bring.

Personal documents - Bring all documents below:

Photo ID
Social Security Cards, Social Security Number verification letters, or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number assignment letters for you, your spouse, and any dependents
Birthdates for you, your spouse, and dependents on the tax return
Bank account and routing number or a voided check for direct deposit of your refund

Income - Bring all documents that apply.

Employment Income

W-2 form(s) for all jobs last year (your employer(s) will have sent you this by January 31st)

Self-Employment Income

1099-MISC and 1099-NEC/or 1099-K
Records of income not reported on 1099 forms.
Records of expenses including receipts, credit statements, etc.
Record of estimated tax payments

Retirement Income

SSA-1099 form for Social Security benefits
1099-R for pension/IRA/annuity income

Other sources of income

1098-T for scholarships/fellowships
1099-R for disability income
Income or loss from the sale of stocks, bonds, or real estate
Statements for prizes or lottery/gambling winnings
Interest and dividend statements from banks
Records for any other income

You may be able to claim tax deductions for some of the expenses you have. These deductions reduce the income you are taxed on. Bring documentation for all of the following expenses you have.

Retirement contributions, including a 401(k) or IRA.
Local taxes you have paid.
Mortgage statements and property tax bills if you are a homeowner.
College tuition (1098-T) and student loan statements (Form 1098-E)
Childcare expenses, including provider’s address and federal tax ID number.
Receipts for charitable donations
Medical and dental bills
Records for supplies used as an educator.

Additional Items

Last year’s tax return if available
Proof of health insurance or exemption: Form 1095-A if you had coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace, Form 1095-B/1095-C if you had other kinds of insurance, or a Health Insurance Exemption Certificate, if received
Tax notices: Documents from the IRS, Health Insurance Marketplace, your state tax agency, or anything that says “IMPORTANT TAX DOCUMENT”

Amount of your Economic Impact Payment for Round 1 and Round 2.

If you received the first Economic Impact Payment but not the second, we could add the Recovery Rebate Credit to your 2020 Federal Income Tax Return.

When to expect a refund?

All VITA tax returns are prepared and submitted to the Internal Revenue Service electronically.  

If you expect a refund, please utilize the  Where is My Refund on the Internal Revenue Service. You will need the following from your tax return:

1. Filing status
2. Social Security Number
3. The exact amount of your refund

Please note Internal Revenue Service is experiencing more refund delays this year than usual because of the high-volume of 2020 tax returns being filed daily, backlog of unprocessed 2019 paper tax returns, IRS resource issues, and technology problems are causing delays. This is due, in part, to the IRS’s need to manually verify large numbers of Refund Recovery Credits (RRCs), as well as Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Advance Child Tax Credit (ACTC) 2019 adjusted income lookback claims. 

Who to contact for additional information?

To schedule an appointment,  please call Maricela Avila, VITA Program Coordinator at (817) 459-6207.