City Plans 66-Inch Sanitary Sewer Main Upgrade in North Arlington
By Traci Peterson, Arlington Water Utilities
Posted on August 28, 2020, August 28, 2020

Water Project Update

An Arlington Water Utilities project set to begin in October will rehabilitate a 66-inch diameter sanitary sewer main in North Arlington that partially collapsed and was temporarily repaired in 2015. The main is located adjacent to Village Creek, at Westwood Drive and Findlay Drive. Its partial collapse in May 2015 was a result of corrosion in the existing pipe caused by gases that are common in wastewater systems.

Arlington’s sanitary sewer collection system carries wastewater from homes throughout the city to the Trinity River Authority’s treatment plant in Dallas. Up to half of Arlington’s sanitary sewer flow merges into the 66-inch main near Westwood Drive as part of that collection system, making it a particularly critical asset.

Earlier this month, the Arlington City Council approved a $1,957,019 contract for the upcoming project with S.J. Louis Construction of Texas. Repairing the large main is expected to take 315 days. During that time, a portion of the Bob Findlay Linear Park Trail in North Arlington will be closed to allow the work to take place. Residents in the neighborhood will be notified soon about a virtual public meeting where they can find out more details and ask questions about the project.

After the partial main collapse in 2015, the City of Arlington entered into a partnership with the College of Engineering at UT Arlington to evaluate all 48 miles of large diameter sanitary sewer mains throughout the city. The inspection confirmed that approximately 1,100 feet of the 66-inch sanitary sewer main requires replacement.

The project will rehabilitate the existing sanitary sewer main by inserting new main into the existing main using a method called sliplining. An abandoned concrete sanitary sewer flow metering station nearby will also be demolished as part of the project. When the new sanitary sewer line is completed, the Bob Findlay Linear Park Trail in the area will be widened, from 8 feet to 12 feet across.

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