Everyone Counts: Census Showcases Arlington’s Diverse Asian Community
By Office of Communication
Posted on August 25, 2020, August 25, 2020

Arlington’s diversity is one of The American Dream City’s greatest strengths. And thanks to the U.S. Census Bureau, we have a better understanding of how diverse our community is. 

According to the latest data, Arlington is home to 26,689 Asian residents — nearly 7 percent of the City’s population. That is higher than the national average, of 5.4 percent. The majority (56 percent) of Arlington’s Asian population is Vietnamese.

 Now it’s time to update those numbers during the 2020 Census. While the U.S. Census Bureau is constantly tracking population trends, the 2020 Census will help shape our future for the next ten years. 

 An accurate count of everyone in Arlington helps provide essential services including public safety and road repairs. It also helps fund the nonprofits so passionate about serving families in our hometown. 

 Responding to the Census is safe and easy. Your answers can never be used against you. And joining the count has never been easier. You can now respond online, over the phone or through the mail. Census workers are also in the community, following up with households yet to respond. You can avoid a visit by simply filling out your Census online at www.my2020census.gov. 

 The coronavirus pandemic prompted the U.S. Census Bureau to extend the response period. But the new Sept. 30, 2020 deadline is quickly approaching. Celebrate Arlington’s diversity by responding to the 2020 Census here.

2020 Census form

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