Water Utilities Map Room Counter Services Move Online
By Traci Peterson, Arlington Water Utilities
Posted on June 03, 2020, June 03, 2020

Map Room Counter Services Now Online

Services that were previously conducted in person at the Arlington Water Utilities map room counter in City Hall have moved online. These requests are now answered via email whenever possible. To make a request, download a copy of the fillable form at this link and send it as an email attachment to maproom.water@arlingtontx.gov.

The following information is available from the Arlington Water Utilities map room:

• Plats filed with the City of Arlington

• Construction plans for: - City paving and drainage projects - City water and sanitary sewer projects

• Subdivision plans (water, sanitary sewer, paving and drainage)

• Flood plain maps, right-of-way maps and benchmark information.

Unable to download the form above? You can also send an email with the following information in the body of the email:

1. Your contact information (including email address and phone number)

2. The address or location for which you are requesting information.

3. A description of the requested information

4. Any relevant attachments such as maps (no kmz files, please)

If the information to be provided exceeds email size limitations, you will receive an email with a link to download the plans/maps. The City of Arlington utilizes Microsoft OneDrive. Email requests for map room information are accepted and processed in the order received. We will do our best to fulfill the email request as rapidly as possible. Counter service is not currently available in the map room location in Arlington City Hall. However, map room staff can be reached by phone at 817-459-6606.

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