Celebrating Arlington's Accomplishments During National Public Works Week
By Nina Sherer, Arlington Public Works and Transportation
Posted on May 18, 2020, May 18, 2020

National Public Works Week

Each year, during the third full week of May, the nation celebrates National Public Works Week.

The theme of this year’s campaign, which will be held May 17-23, is “The Rhythm of Public Works” and is meant to emphasize how the essential services provided and infrastructure maintained by the men and women in public works contributes to the rhythm of life in our community.

Although we hear the term public works used often, exactly what public works is and does can be a mystery to many people. Public works is defined as the building of things by the government for the community. Within the City of Arlington, the Public Works and Transportation Department does this and so much more. Comprised of 12 divisions, the department is responsible for the following:

· Construction Inspection and Survey Services

· Drainage Infrastructure Maintenance and Repair

· Environmental Compliance and Education

· Flood Mitigation

· Floodplain Management

· Pavement Marking Installation and Maintenance

· Roadway Capital Improvement Program

· School Crossing Guards

· Street Pavement Maintenance

· Traffic Safety and Flow Engineering

· Traffic Sign Installation and Maintenance

· Traffic Signal Operation and Maintenance

Some of the department’s major accomplishments in fiscal year 2019 include:

· Awarded $53 million in construction contracts for roadway and drainage infrastructure improvements

· Replaced 3,345 traffic signs to ensure compliance with national standards

· Excavated and repaired 70,399 square yards of failed concrete street panels

· Repaired 11,195 potholes

· Performed preventative maintenance on 550 traffic signals, school flashers, and reversible lane system lights

· Repaired 1,788 square yards of sidewalks

· Performed crack seal maintenance on 151 lane miles of roadways

· Inspected 10,821 storm drain inlets

In 2010 the department became the third in the state to be recognized by the American Public Works Association as an accredited agency that goes above and beyond nationally established management practices. To maintain this distinction, the department must commit to performing a self-evaluation to ensure that all critical services are being addressed, set goals for improvement, and accomplish increased productivity and effectiveness. In June 2018, the department underwent a comprehensive review of their practices by the American Public Works Association and were found to be in complete compliance with over 420 industry practices. This distinction earned the department its second four-year reaccreditation.

In recognition of the integral role the department’s nearly 280 employees have in the health, safety, and comfort of the community, Mayor Jeff Williams will proclaim the week of May 17-23, 2020, as National Public Works Week at tomorrow’s City Council meeting.

To learn more about the services provided by the Public Works and Transportation Department, please visit department’s web page, email us at publicworks@arlingtontx.gov, or call 817-459-6550.

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