Best Friends Animal Society Donates $4,000 Grant to Help Adopters with Heartworm-Positive Shelter Dogs
By Carol Weemes, Arlington Animal Services
Posted on April 21, 2020, April 21, 2020

Dog outdoors 

Best Friends Animal Society truly is a best friend. A grant award of $4,000 will be used to help new pet owners adopting a heartworm positive dog from the Animal Services Center.

“Sometimes in animal shelters there are pets that need a little extra help finding their way to a second chance. Dogs with heartworms often don’t get that second chance because of the cost of treatment. Best Friends Animal Society is proud to partner with Arlington Animal Services – and the community who has proven willing to step up, adopt these dogs, and see them through treatment - to help provide some of that little extra," Best Friends Animal Society said in a statement. 

The new pet parent of a heartworm positive dog receiving the special funding will be provided a traditional treatment plan and a partnership through Texas Animal Foundation. Treatment begins within 30 days of the pet’s adoption.

After the treatment plan is complete, the dog will be retested to ensure it is heartworm negative.

The best cure for heartworm disease is prevention.

Heartworm disease is transferred and spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. It is not contagious dog to dog like a cold or upper respiratory infection.

The American Heartworm Society recommends everyone “think 12: (1) get your pet tested every 12 months for heartworm and (2) give your pet heartworm preventative 12 months a year.”

Not only is a regimen of heartworm preventative medication essential for keeping your pet safe, it is important to be proactive to help ensure your property is not a breeding ground for those menacing mosquito culprits.

With the record-breaking amounts of rainfall this year, comes the hazards of standing water. Please do your part to help keep the community safe by preventing mosquitoes from breeding on your property. Dump standing water from flowerpots, refresh water in bird baths, keep gutters clean – look for and eliminate any possible mosquito breeding opportunities.

Although mosquito repellent with DEET is recommended for human use, do not use it on dogs or cats. The chemicals in these products can be toxic to animals. The best and safest solution for your dog is a regular routine of heartworm preventative medication.

Special appreciation to Best Friends Animal Society for their generous contribution, those who choose to adopt and every responsible pet owner.

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