Arlington Eats: Mr. Wally's Pickles Finds Success One Batch at a Time
By Office of Communication
Posted on February 24, 2020, February 24, 2020

There's something special about food when it's made with love. And after one taste of Mr. Wally's Pickles, you'll realize — there's passion in every jar.

Arlington resident Ange Hernandez and her husband started Mr. Wally's Pickles in 2019. They were originally selling salsa mixes when another food vendor suggested they try making pickles. 

"I had no idea what people would like," Hernandez said. "It's amazing to me, because to be honest with you, I had never eaten a homemade pickle in my life before this."

Now Hernandez is pickling hundreds of pounds of cucumbers, green beans, carrots and okra every week. 

"We have people that come to us and say they used to make them, but they're not making them anymore," Hernandez said. "They'd rather pay $8 a jar because they're delicious."

The couple does all their production in Arlington and sells their pickled foods at different events throughout the community. You can see where they'll be each weekend by following their Facebook page. 

You can also request a meet-up in Arlington by emailing the couple through their website. 

Ange Hernandez making Mr. Wally's Pickles
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