Matlock Road Improvements to Begin Between Interstate 20 and Sublett Road
By Nina Sherer, Public Works and Transportation
Posted on January 02, 2020, January 02, 2020

Does your commute often take you down Matlock Road near Interstate 20? The Public Works and Transportation Department will be continuing their work to improve your drive by making the roadway smoother and extending the life of this highly traveled corridor in south Arlington.

On Monday, Jan. 6, work to replace failed concrete panels on Matlock Road between Interstate 20 and Sublett Road will begin. Drivers should expect various lane closures over the next four months as large concrete panels are removed and replaced.

To help reduce the traffic impact roadway construction will inevitably have on the surrounding area, the project is being divided into the following two phases:

Phase I (Sublett Road to Bardin Road)

Work will begin on the northbound lanes at Sublett and continue to Bardin Road. Work on the southbound lanes will begin after completion of the northbound lanes.

Phase II (Bardin Road to Interstate 20)

Work will begin in the northbound lanes at Bardin Road and work towards Interstate 20. Work on the southbound lanes will begin after completion of the northbound lanes.

The City uses an annual pavement survey program to inventory the condition of all streets within the city limits. The condition of each street segment is reported as an Overall Condition Index (OCI) Rating between 0-100 based on the “ride” and “distress” of the segment. Roads with a rating lower than 50 are called “red streets” and recommended for inclusion in the department’s Capital Improvement Program. Roads with a rating between 50 and 70 are called “yellow” streets and are included in the City’s Street Maintenance Program. The current OCI rating for this section of Matlock Road is 62. This project is one of the five types of street maintenance projects funded by the voter-approved Street Maintenance Sales Tax.

Click here to view the 2019 Street Condition map.

The City of Arlington has partnered with Waze to give drivers the best experience possible to get around town. Drivers can download Waze for free at for iOS and Android and see real-time traffic, find optimal routes, avoid road closures and more.

Drivers looking to avoid the construction can use the Center Street bridge east of Matlock Road.

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