My Little Gentleman Etiquette Class Teaches Arlington Boys the Importance of Good Manners
By Danica Dodson, Arlington Parks & Recreation
Posted on December 10, 2019, December 10, 2019

Throughout 2019, the Arlington Parks and Recreation Department has been hosting My Little Gentleman Etiquette Class, a fun and interactive event where boys ages 5-12 come to learn good manners, grooming, and other etiquette skills that help them grow into polite young men.

My Little Gentleman participants learn etiquette like proper handshakes, eye contact, and respectful behavior for formal occasions. The class covers various grooming items and techniques such as using soap, deodorant, mouthwash, toothpaste, and combing hair, as well as why each of these is important for growing boys. For the first time in November, the class featured a session on how to tie a tie. After all the boys rotate through each lesson, they take place in a graduation-style ceremony with parents in attendance.

One highlight of the November event was a special visit from Arlington Parks and Recreation Director Lemuel Randolph, who helped the boys learn how to tie a tie and gave each participant a proper handshake as they received their Little Gentleman certificates.

The classes are led by Recreation Program Coordinator Jheron Thompson, who says he is excited to have an opportunity to lead these young men.

“I think this class is very unique because not only do we not have another class like this in our community, but we are providing positive opportunities for our youth,” Jheron said. “Being able to provide, learn, and grow together is extremely beautiful. Our community needs more leaders that aren’t afraid to take on the challenge. With this class, I have genuinely accepted that role.”

So far, APRD has hosted five classes with a total of 76 boys in attendance across all classes. The class capacity is currently at 25, but there is a possibility of expanding that number to 30 due to the high enrollment.

Every etiquette class is different and highlights something new for the boys to learn. For those who have participated in the past, attending again is highly encouraged as classes will always be dynamic and offer new lessons for boys who have already learned the basics.

This unique class is helping Arlington youth grow into the most polite young men around. Dress in your Sunday best and join us at our next My Little Gentleman class, scheduled for April 4, 2020. Click here for more information. 

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