Arlington Eats: Travel the World at UTA's International Food Fair
By Office of Communication
Posted on November 25, 2019, November 25, 2019

Come along for a mouthwatering ride and catch The American Dream City's cultural diversity and unique cuisine with Arlington Eats on MyArlingtonTV.

In this month's edition of Arlington Eats, host Andrew Tanielian visits The University of Texas at Arlington's International Food Fair. 

The university's International Student Organization hosts the event twice a year, and this semester's offerings were as diverse as the students themselves.

"Anybody who grew up with a specific type of culture that wants to share it with the entire university, we help them do that," said UTA student Kelleh Zarin.

Students from Sudan to Japan prepared dishes native to their home countries and gladly shared the inspiration behind each dish.  

"It's a great way to make friends and just gather around people you don't normally see," said UTA student Shehan Soysa. Soysa prepared takoyaki, a Japanese dish featuring octopus grilled into a seasoned batter.    

"It's just a good way to remind people this world isn't homogeneous," said UTA student Chadwick Bryan. "There are many, many different people, from different walks of life."

Leaders from the International Student Organization say living so far away can be challenging. But thanks to supportive organizations and events like this, The American Dream City quickly becomes a second home. 

Click here to learn more about UTA's International Student Organization. 

Food being prepared at UTA's International Food Fair

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