Pets of the Week - Meet Tobias & Lulu
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Posted on August 26, 2019, August 26, 2019

Dog of the Week – Meet Tobias

This three year old male German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever mix is brown in color and weighs 62 pounds. Tobias was recently owner surrendered to the shelter due to landlord issues. With a high energy level, Tobias is looking for a new pet guardian who will provide lots of exercise opportunities. While he is active by nature, he really loves attention. He appreciates being petted on the head, his ears, just everywhere. He knows the commands of sit, stay, lay down and wait. A family that will provide exercise opportunities and lots of love would be a great fit for Tobias. Adopting Tobias would be a great end of summer activity. Meet Tobias in Dog Adoptions (DA) 6, his ID number is 42457556.

Cat of the Week – Meet Lulu

This one year old female domestic medium hair is a black, white and orange calico. Lulu is a very friendly, affectionate young cat. She will arch up to meet your hand so you can pet her. Being held and stroked evokes the reactions of purring and kneading. Lulu can be enticed into playing with toys but she really likes the laid back life, as long as you’re paying attention to her. It’s a purrfect time to adopt and add a furry companion to your life. Adopting Lulu would certainly put a song in your heart! Meet Lulu in Cat Adoptions (CA) 22, her ID number is 42502251.

Adoption fees include all core vaccinations, alteration, microchip and 30 days free pet insurance.

Pets of the Week – Meet Tobias & Lulu

Pets of the Week
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