MISD Student Fosters Pet to Good Health and Adoptability
By Carol Weemes
Posted on February 05, 2015, February 05, 2015


This story began with an urgent call to the Animal Services Center (ASC) about an injured dog. Animal Services Code Compliance Officer Juan Santana responded to a tragic scene, finding a helpless and severely wounded female Chihuahua Terrier mix. Santana quickly transported the animal in need to the ASC, into the skillful and healing hands of Dr. Nancy Carter, the shelter's veterinarian. Upon examination, Carter found such extreme trauma to the dog's crushed left rear leg that amputation was the only viable option to save the dog's life, and from pain and suffering.

This amazing dog, estimated to be about two years old, is a survivor. The surgery went well, and her future is continuing to look brighter, thanks to a student that heard about her through his participation in the shelter's new partnership with the Mansfield Independent School District (MISD) Ben Barber Career Technical Academy program. Special kudos are in order for caring and animal loving Nicholas Pierce, the first student involved in this partnership to offer his time and effort as an approved volunteer in the ASC's Foster Pet Program.

Pierce's kind, humanitarian spirit of giving, resulted in the little dog being taken into a warm, cozy and loving home environment beginning on Christmas Eve. The gesture could be described as a gift for both Pierce and the dog that he affectionately named Ally. Pierce stated that he "always wanted to foster a dog," and he demonstrated true commitment and determination to providing optimum foster care for Ally. During Ally's physical healing process, Pierce went the extra mile. He administered her prescribed medications to prevent infection, and dutifully reported back to Dr. Carter for Ally's suture removal, vaccines and periodic check-ups.

Pierce is a hero. He attended to Ally's physical needs and championed the opportunity to provide affection for this pup. Ally's steady recovery is due to the efforts of this wonderful young man stepping up to give back to the community though the foster pet program. Pierce expressed that he enjoyed the fostering experience and that he wants to foster again.

Fast forward to the present...Ally is healed and doing extraordinarily well since that perilous day when she was found by Officer Santana. This week, Ally was named as a Pet of the Week and is available for adoption into a good and permanent home. As Pierce fostered Ally, he observed that she appeared to have had great home training, and that she absolutely loves being a lap dog. The next chapter of Ally's life is about to begin. Will it be with you?

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